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Welcome to the CALI Blog

Forget the same old boring deck! With Cali Bamboo composite decking, it’s never been easier to unleash your creativity and dream up a unique deck design! BamDeck® and GreenClaimed composite decking are versatile, DIY-friendly, and absolutely stunning. With a little planning, you can go beyond the typical deck and build something you’ll be proud of for decades. To help get your creative juices flowing, we rounded up 15 of our favorite customer decking projects. Get inspired by these pictures of decks and transform your backyard living space into a relaxing retreat this summer!

Use the arrows to see photos.


Bill of Lynbrook, NY says he always like to throw in a dash of WOW! to all his home improvement projects- which is exactly what we said when we saw this amazing deck made with Bronze GreenClaimed® Infinity™ (no longer available) Composite Decking! “It’s vibrant colors and the integration of recycled materials and technology make it truly a superior and quality product,” says Bill, who also loves that Infinity™ decking is made in the USA. [Slide 1 of 15]


This stunning Slate BamDeck® Composite Deck is a perfect complement to the bold and modern design of this Hollywood home… and the view is not too bad either. [Slide 2 of 15]


Straightline Construction built this well-designed BamDeck® patio with stepping tiers to the top, using an interesting new design style that is a hybrid of a few layouts seen on our Deck Designs page. [Slide 3 of 15]


Slate BamDeck® Composite Decking around the outside of this hot tub will make walking around it much more friendly on the feet. Plus that amazing view all around will make that relaxing area quite the hot spot! [Slide 4 of 15]


Johnny of Spotsylvania, VA built this cozy backyard retreat with our newly released Charcoal BamDeck® 3G composite decking, adding a touch of the tropics with Cali Bamboo palm thatch! We can practically feel the cool ocean breeze. [Slide 5 of 15]


Mike from Penfield, New York submitted this deck design made with Caramel and Coffee BamDeck® wide plank composite decking. The unique design features two framed areas centered under pendant ceiling light fixtures. [Slide 6 of 15]


Tina B. recently replaced her old deck and sunroom with Caramel BamDeck® Composite Decking with stair lights and black railings. What a fabulous upgrade! [Slide 7 of 15]


Jim’s amazing Slate BamDeck® patio is looking well thought out and quite comfortable. Pair that with the toughness of bamboo composite decking and you have a great patio that lasts.[Slide 8 of 15]


Welcome to Costa Rica, where you can enjoy the wonders of nature while relaxing on a Caramel BamDeck® poolside deck. [Slide 9 of 15]


Lilly enhanced her backyard landscaping with this unique and awesome octagon-shaped deck. Looks like paradise! [Slide 10 of 15]


Every backyard pool needs a durable and moisture-resistant deck, and we think Slate BamDeck® Composite Decking is the perfect fit for this one! How cool are the integrated water features? [Slide 11 of 15]


In sunny San Diego, this creative multi-level deck is made from alternating Caramel and Coffee BamDeck® Composite Decking planks. [Slide 12 of 15]


This backyard balcony and staircase in Ocoee, FL got taken to new heights with Slate BamDeck®Composite Decking. We love the clean, modern feel that fits in with the home’s facade. [Slide 13 of 15]


This Hacienda-style ranch house is complete with a Caramel BamDeck® composite deck- the perfect place to sip on margaritas on a hot summer day! [Slide 14 of 15]


This amazing deck creates focal points with well planned geometric shapes. We would love to enjoy that incredible view on this poolside deck! [Slide 15 of 15]

For additional inspiration and patterns, check out Cali Bamboo’s Deck Designs page, and be sure to submit your own creations to [email protected]!

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