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Laura – Hey there! This is Laura with Cali Bamboo, and yet again we are here in Ocean Beach for the Morning After the Mess Clean Up. It is July 5th, so yesterday, yet again there were many, many marshmallows thrown on this beach here behind me–
Ron Burgandy – Pardon me little lady! Ron Burgandy here. Channel 4 news, coming to you live and direct from Ocean Beach.
Laura – Ron Burgandy! You have a lot of nerve showing your face around here.
Ron – What! What!
Laura – Yes, word has it that you were throwing most of the marshmallows here yesterday, making quite a mess.
Ron – Well what can I say? Ron Burgandy is a competitive man.
Laura – Yeah, well, so today you’re here to clean everything up right?
Ron – We’re here to set the record straight. Right the wrongs. Steer the ship. Say it as loud as we can from the top of a mountain.
Laura – Alright. Well that’s what counts. As long as you’re here to clean up the mess and keeping the beach clean. I’m here with Surfrider San Diego’s chapter coordinator, Haley, who is organizing today’s morning after the mess clean up. So Haley, we where here last year. How has the event changed since last year?
Haley We have seen, still marshmallows. That’s an Ocean Beach tradition, so we’re still seeing it. This year we actually have more volunteers. So we have over 150 volunteers out at this site this morning, and people actually started before we even set up, so we had people before 8 a.m. They were out here cleaning, and came and dropped their garbage and just kept going. Also, still lots of marshmallows but we kinda think it’s a little more contained this year and not as off of the beach and into the surrounding areas, which is a good thing.
Laura – I noticed that. I noticed that last year it was much more of a mess when I came out here and there were not nearly as many volunteers. So you’ve got some pretty dedicated people coming out.
Haley – Definitely. And i think that it speaks volumes to the community of Ocean Beach and how much pride people have in their beaches and their local area and keeping it clean. And we’re excited to see a lot of the people who participated in the marshmallow fight are actually out here today, and that’s really what we want to encourage.
Laura – Yeah, totally. So if you make the mess, have a good time, but come out and clean it back up. Awesome. Thank you!
Haley – Thank you!
Ron – San Diego, let’s keep it classy, not trashy. Ron Burgandy here. Good night.

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