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Welcome to the CALI Blog

This dream decking is the answer to all your concerns.

Building and maintaining a new deck may seem like a daunting undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s especially true if you opt for a product that’s made for the DIYer — the weekend warrior who’s willing to make smart home improvements, but doesn’t want to dedicate their lives to tedious upkeep. Fortunately, for every decking concern, there’s a solution in the form of quality composite material brought to you by Cali Decking.

Common Decking Fears 

How Cali Decking
Saves the Day 

Complicated installation
Unless you’re a seasoned pro, adding a new deck can seem like a daunting task with tons of planning, coding, and power tools to consider.


DIY hidden fastening system
All Cali Decking is easy to cut and can be installed with a simple-to-use set of clips that are attached between deck boards so they can’t be seen.


Constant/expensive upkeep
Traditional wood decks require consistent repair, refinishing, and sealing to keep them protected from the elements.


Never needs staining/sealing
A protective wrap shield means you never have to spend a weekend doing tedious deck maintenance to keep it looking great.


Termite attacks
These pesky critters can cause serious structural damage to traditional wood decks and are expensive to get rid of.

Naturally termite resistant
Cali Decking uses 40% recycled HDPE plastic, which termites can’t digest, keeping your deck safe, strong, and unchewed.


Ouch! There’s nothing worse than stepping outside barefoot and getting stuck! Even worse when you have to worry about kids and family members.

Planks never splinter
Go barefoot and let the kids play outside without fear! Composite decking uses 60% reclaimed wood powder which is splinter-free.


Sun/snow damage
Seasonal extremes are hard to avoid in most parts of the nation, and constant sealing is an inevitable part of maintaining a traditional wood deck.


Protected by full wrap shield
Imagine just being able to enjoy your deck all year-round without having to worry about heavy scratches or damage from the elements!

Requires lots of lumber
Building a traditional wood deck requires timber from trees that have to be chopped down and often take 30 years to grow back.

Made of 100% recycled materials
A composite deck made of recycled woods and plastics can be enjoyed guilt-free, knowing no habitat or trees were harmed in its creation.

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