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Laura brings the dog and pony show to San Diego 6 the CW show.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to go green. We’re talking with Laura from Cali Bamboo this morning to show us some amazing product, and boy is it durable. Good morning. Good morning. Hi thanks for having us. Thanks for coming today. Lots of different colors, it’s green, it’s beautiful and it’s very, very durable. Extremely durable. I’m wearing some high heels. I don’t usually wear high heels but I broke them out for today. And you can see, I’ll bang my shoe on the floor — I’m not a tap dancer. And there’s a little bit of a black smudge just because my shoe is black, but it comes right off and there’s no scratching at all. You could have a party. You could have a high-traffic area — good for high heels. I will say that on some hardwood that when you walk pretty hard in high heels it will leave little indents. So the fact that that did not do anything is really remarkable. No, and I was going pretty hard. But we’ll up the risk-factor. You know a lot of customers that we get, a big concern of theirs is big dogs. We’ve got Kimbo and Graham, and Kimbo is a big dog. You can see him in the footage there. He’s an 85-pound Rhodesian ridgeback mix, and we’ll actually test out our flooring with him. He’ll like skitter across the floors and run, and it doesn’t leave a scratch. We also have a bigger animal. That’s right! So the reason I don’t have the dogs with me is because I didn’t want them to spook our next guests are here from San Diego Pony Parties. I’m so excited about this. They are so cute. This is Nevera and she is an 800-pound Chincoteague pony. This is of course her handler Chelsea. Now Nevera is walking on our Natural Fossilized® bamboo floor. Not leaving a scratch. Now that’s of course what I wanted to draw your attention to, but you also have to notice Nevera’s brought her two-week-old foal here today. Her filly is Rumor, and she was born two weeks ago. It’s so cute. Look at her just follow her. Ok, so they can withstand a pony’s weight on it — not leaving a mark. Right, yeah. An 800-pound pony, no problem at all. And we have something else to show just how durable the floor is. That’s right. For our grand finale I’m going to introduce Emily and Nicholas here from the Rose-Ritchie Academy of Irish Dancing, here in San Diego. Ok, take it away guys! And, all the black — the black marks are really just from their shoes, but you can feel it too and there’s no scuffs, there’s no scratches. Not a thing. Very durable Fossilized® Cali Bamboo® floors. Alright, Cali Bamboo, check them out. San Diego Living is coming right back. Check our website too — Just click on San Diego Living. We’ll be right back.

Photos from San Diego 6 the CW show San Diego Living

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