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Welcome to the CALI Blog

Hey! This is Laura with Cali Bamboo and we are at Seaside Market in Cardiff by the Sea. We are here with Surfrider Foundation promoting A Day Without a Bag. Hi I am here with Adam Zack, and he is the general manager here at Seaside Market. Adam, I hear that there is, there’s a lot of noise going on outside. It sounds like a party out there. Can you tell me what’s going on outside. Adam>> Sure. We have a live band of Surfrider volunteers that are here to entertain our customers and getting people aware to bring their reusable bags to the stores so we don’t have to use plastic bags or paper bags and gets them in the habit of doing that and it helps our environment and keeps trash out of our community. Laura>> Do you have any idea, just how many plastic bags the store goes through a day? Adam>> Um, plastic bags, We go through probably, I would say about 500 or so a day, and five years ago we probably went through about 1500 a day, or maybe even more. We’ve definitely seen people whether they prefer paper to plastic or they bring their own, so our amount of plastic bags we go through has gone down tremendously. Laura>> Well that’s great to know! Well you heard it from the man himself, and he should know, he’s here every single day. So, thank you. Thank you so much for having us! You’re welcome. Thanks for coming in.

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