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braided round area rugs

Area rugs are basically a designer’s secret weapon — ideal for transforming spaces and adding instant comfort. They make rooms cozier, brighter, more cohesive, and more interesting!

Cali’s new Tapestri line gathers unique pieces that each tell a story with the use of sustainable materials. All woven area rugs are GoodWeave Certified, meaning they were made by skilled craftsmen under fair working conditions. Most pieces were hand-braided, hand-woven, or made on a traditional handloom — helping to keep ancient craft skills alive and support expert artisans.

Follow the simple steps below to learn how to choose a rug that’s right for you and your space. The goal here is to find a match that (as the Dude says) really ties the room together.

The Big Lebowski rug

Step 1 – Identify Your Space

Determining the space will help you consider what its needs are, and what your rug ought to be made of.

So first ask, which room is in need of a rug?

  • A room with hardwood flooring that you want to protect?
  • A dining room that will see a mess or two?
  • A hallway with a lot of foot traffic?
  • A living room where kids will be sitting and playing on the floor?
jute rug

LEFT: A thicker area rug made of sturdy jute fiber — like Belle, shown here — will do well in a busy pathway. These jute rugs feature a thick, textured weave and natural gold-tan color. Referred to as the “Golden Fiber,” jute is known for its long, soft, shiny strands, and is one of the strongest, most flexible plant fibers on Earth.

BELOW: Bamboo will bring glam and shine to a space you want to highlight. The bamboo slats in Penny, shown below, have been heated to bring out a brilliant copper tone. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth and is endlessly renewable, in addition to being extremely durable.

runner rugs

Wool rugs add cushioning and are undyed and unbleached for a healthier home. Casper, shown here, blends wool, nylon, and jute fiber. Upcycled cotton is another good option if the rug requires frequent cleaning, and ultra-soft PET yarn (made of recycled bottles!) is great for adding comfort. 

wool rugs

Step 2 – Determine Shape & Size

The next step is to consider the parameters of your space. How much of the floor do you want to cover? Do you want to lay a foundation for large pieces of furniture, or simply draw the eye to a special accent piece? Use the following tips when considering shape and size:

  • Keep your rug proportional to your furniture. A long, oblong dining room table will look better over an oval rug than a round one.
oval rugs
  • Any furniture that gets moved around a lot (like dining room chairs) should rest on enough rug to be repositioned without falling off the edge.
black and white rug
  • Most living room furniture works over a rectangular rug. It’s typical to pick a size large enough to support all furniture legs, but it’s perfectly acceptable to have pieces rest half on and half off a rug, or off the rug entirely.
  • Rugs placed under beds typically extend under the lower ⅔ of the bed so that your feet touch something nice and soft when you roll out. You can also opt for two runners placed on either side.

Step 3 – Pick a Style

Rug style is a pretty personal thing and sometimes you just have to go with what feels right. It’s also handy to identify a room’s existing style. Are you fairly traditional with your color choices, or do you like to go bold? Also consider what kind of role you want your new rug to play in the space. Should it be the star or a supporting character? Check out the following styles to see if one strikes a chord with your decor and your personality!

large area rugs

You embrace what carries memories, comfort, and simple workable style. Your home is always inviting and cohesive. Area rugs with easy, adaptable styles will match every decor and stand the test of time.

>See more traditional rugs

You have a wild streak and seek out color, fun, and adventure. Unafraid of the trippy and the avant garde, you gravitate toward area rugs that pack a statement and tell a story.

>See more bohemian rugs

blue rug

You know what’s hot and are never afraid to ditch the old for the new. Always, looking for the most cutting edge look, area rugs with bold color and geometric prints were made for you.

>See more modern area rugs

You get joy and inspiration from simple, natural beauty. Area rugs incorporating sustainable jute fiber and pure, undyed wool go perfectly with your laid-back, eco-friendly attitude.

>See more rustic area rugs

bohemian rugs

Step 4 – Order and Enjoy!

You now know how to choose a rug and have the tools to explore and find your match! 
CLICK HERE to check out the whole Tapestri line.

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