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Welcome to the CALI Blog

If all other cleaning techniques fail to clean or remove stains from your composite deck, you may try sanding or having a professional powerwash the deck.


General Cleaning and Preventative Tips

  • Sweep your deck on a regular basis to prevent the buildup of dirt.
  • To reduce the chances of tannins forming on your deck, don’t allow damp leaves to remain on your deck; these may discolor the boards.  Generally, a broom or a blower will work better than a hose for removing scattered foliage.
  • Allow for proper water drainage; standing water can cause discoloration.
  • Dislodge accumulated dirt and debris between planks with a broom.
  • If food or drink is spilled, clean the deck immediately with Defy Composite Deck Cleaner.
  • Install a splash guard mat under your grill to help protect your deck from grease stains.
  • Mix pool solutions away from the deck. Be careful not to spill undiluted chlorine or pool salt directly on the boards.
  • While normal day to day activities will not scratch your BamDeck® 3G decking, like timber or any other surface, excessive activities will damage the surface. For example, skateboarding or dragging heavy furniture may cause the exterior to scratch, abrade or chip.

Removing Dirt, Grime and Water Stains

To clean your deck, use Defy Composite Deck Cleaner.  Defy Composite Deck Cleaner is a safe, biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaner that’s effective in removing dirt, grime, mildew, and water stains.   

How to use Defy Composite Deck Cleaner:

  • For each 100 square feet of deck, mix ¾ cup of Defy Composite Deck Cleaner with one gallon of luke-warm water (a 2.25 lb. container of Defy Composite Deck Cleaner makes five gallons of solution and will clean approximately 500-1,000 total square feet).
  • Apply with a mop, deck brush, or a pump-up garden sprayer.
    • If using a garden sprayer, pour solution through a mesh cheese-cloth to filter out any undissolved granules to prevent the sprayer nozzle from clogging.
  • Once solution is applied to deck, allow it to set for 15-20 minutes, then scrub with a stiff-bristle brush and rinse completely.
  • A pressure washer can be used instead of a scrub brush if desired.  Use extreme caution when using a pressure washer and follow the tips below.

Removing Oil and Grease Stains

Precautions should be taken to avoid spilling oily and greasy products on your deck.  Install a splash guard mat under your grill to help protect your deck from grease stains.

If greasy or oily products do interact with your deck, speedy clean-up with Defy deck cleaner is best!  However, for tough grease stains, we recommend using Pumice-Powdered Lava Bar Soap. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water, wet the Lava Bar Soap and scrub the bar directly on the deck. Dip a non-metal scrub brush (such as a car wash type brush) into the bucket of water and continue to scrub the affective areas until the grease spot begins to dissipate. Wash thoroughly with lukewarm water until there is no soap residue left.


We do not recommend sanding unless absolutely necessary as it may change the appearance of the surface of the material. However, in the instance that a stain cannot be removed, you may try lightly sanding the affected area using sandpaper with a fine grit/grade.

Pressure Washing

If used incorrectly, pressure-washing can cause damage and wear to your composite deck. Skilled professionals may use a pressure washer with wide fan tips, at low pressures under 1,500 psi and at safe distances, 12” above deck. In the wrong hands, your composite deck can be damaged. Exercise extreme caution.

Sealing your Deck

Fortunately, sealing your BamDeck® 3G composite decking is not necessary!  By keeping a regular maintenance schedule and following the recommend tips described above you can protect your deck from permanent staining and damage.

We don’t recommend sealing BamDeck® 3G as many sealants can alter the natural color of your deck.  However, if you do wish to seal the deck we suggest contacting the manufacturer of your desired sealant and testing in an inconspicuous spot before applying to the entire deck.  Waterborne, penetrating sealants are not recommended.

Ice and Snow

To remove ice and snow, a plastic shovel may be used.  To avoid unnecessary damage to your deck, never use a metal shovel or sharp-edged tools to remove snow and ice.  Do not use calcium chloride or rock salt to break down ice and snow.

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