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Welcome to the CALI Blog

September is an exciting month here at Cali Bamboo. We are proud to announce our new HD floors have tested as the hardest flooring in the world! We also traveled to Malibu to meet up with our Green Home Challenge winners and help the Surfrider Foundation raise $29,600!

We’re Making History with the Hardest Floors on Earth!
Bamboo flooring has come a long way. The history of bamboo floors date back to over 5000 years ago when Chinese peasants slashed and placed bamboo on the ground to cover their dirt floors and keep their homes tidy. Man has certainly made improvements since then, and we can now mark another moment in history for bamboo flooring.

Cali Bamboo’s new HD floors have tested over 5000 on the Janka hardness scale by an independent laboratory, making them the hardest floors in the world, even surpassing Brazilian Walnut! Read our Press Release here.

What is Janka Hardness? The Janka Hardness Scale test measures the force required to embed a 0.444 inch steel ball into wood to half its diameter. This method was chosen so that the result would leave an indention 100 square millimeters in size. It is one of the best measures of the ability of a wood species to withstand denting and wear. It is also a good indicator of how hard a species is to saw or nail. Read More

Bamboo flooring is a perfect way to reduce our dependence on dwindling timber resources and make a green choice for our homes and businesses! Once again the awesomeness of bamboo proves you don’t have to sacrifice, strength, beauty, or function to go green!

Cali Bamboo and Some Famous Friends Help Raise $29,600 for The Surfrider Foundation
Cali Bamboo was proud to be a sponsor at the 5th Annual Celebrity Expression Session on Sept. 11, 2010. Part of the Malibu Surfing Association’s MSA Classic, the Celebrity Expression Session is a great opportunity for fans to watch their favorite celebrities show off their surfing skills in a 45-minute free surf, while earning money for a good cause. Hosted by Christina Applegate and Martyn Lenoble, the event drew a mix of celebrities including Anthony Kiedis and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction’s bassist Eric Avery, and actors Austin Nichols, Brian Geraghty, Eric Balfour and Sam Trammell. Cali Bamboo and other sponsors donated $200 for each wave caught to the Surfrider Foundation!

Green Home Challenge Winners Surf with Cali Bamboo
Winners Jennifer and Tony Butler from Wilmington, NC joined us in Malibu at the 5th Annual Celebrity Expression Session as part of their grand prize for winning the votes for the greenest home. Both being surfers, the trip was especially meaningful for the couple. They both surfed Malibu’s famed First Point with rockstar Martyn Lenoble from Porno For Pyros. The Butler’s shared, “This is unreal! We feel like celebrities too!”

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