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Take a Green Escape with Cali Bamboo

Stay green even when you are away from home! Green travel can be as simple as taking a bike tour or buying meals and souvenirs locally. Or, take your eco-friendly attitude a step further by offsetting the carbon emissions of your trip. In this month’s Green Shoots, you’ll find many easy tips and links for enjoying your vacation with the environment in mind. Not going away? Create your own paradise with our bamboo products. Bon voyage!

Create A Cali Bamboo Eco-Suite

Not ready to return to the real world after a vacation? Bring the serenity of a tropical resort to your home with Cali Bamboo green and sustainable products

Bamboo Paneling
Our richly-colored bamboo paneling transforms dull walls and ceilings, giving your home a stylish vibe while keeping your environmental conscience intact.

Bamboo Rugs
Rich in color and easy to pair with any decor, our rugs are the perfect floor cover.

Bamboo Blinds
Bringing a hint of natural zen to any room, these blinds are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes.

Green Hotels, Eco-Lodges, and Eco-Tours

These eco-active tourist destinations go way beyond your basic recycling program and act as a positive force on the surrounding community. Eco-hotels and lodges are designed to be low-impact structures that make the most of the sustainable resources at hand. Check out the links below on the Crosswaters Ecolodge in China (which is constructed out of bamboo and recycled materials) and the Sarinbuana Eco-Lodge in Bali.

Crosswaters Eco-Lodge and Spa, Guandong Province, China

One of the most renowned ecolodges in the world today is Crosswaters Ecolodge and Spa set in the Nankun Mountain Reserve in Guandong Province, China. The lodge was designed by eco-architect Hitesh Mehta, and utilizes strong, sustainable bamboo in its construction — reflecting its context with the beautiful surrounding bamboo forests.

Sarinbuana Eco-Lodge, Bali
Perched on the slopes of Mount Batukaru in central Bali, all activities at this eco-lodge focus on sustaining the surrounding environment and community. All building materials, cleaning products, and food are produced locally and organically, and all lodge staff are native Indonesians from the nearby community.

Going Carbon-Neutral

Did you know that a 5 hour flight across the US burns as much fuel per passenger as a 60 hour coast-to-coast road trip? Rather than forgo vacations altogether, many are opting to decrease their impact by participating in carbon neutral programs. The concept is fairly simple: for every ton of carbon dioxide your car or plane puts out into the atmosphere, you pay a small fee to other folks who work on solutions to fight the damaging C02 effects. Companies do this by expanding wind farms, donating to worldwide ecological programs, or planting trees which absorb CO2 and release oxygen.

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