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What Is LVP Flooring?

2023-09-27, Laura Nieto


Over the past few years, the buzz around a particular type of flooring has been impossible to miss. Enter the world of luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. Whether you're on the hunt for new flooring for your home or someone in the flooring industry, understanding LVP is crucial.

Understanding LVP Flooring

LVP stands for Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring. At its core, LVP is a form of resilient flooring, which means it’s designed to be durable and maintain its shape and look over time. But what sets LVP apart are its unique features. Enter CALI Vinyl.

Advantages of LVP Flooring

Durability and Long Lifespan
Not all LVPs are created equal. CALI Vinyl, for instance, boasts a commercial-grade 20mil wear layer. This gives it impressive defense against pet claws, high foot traffic, and those unpredictable messes.

Wide Range of Design Options
Want a hardwood look without the hardwood price? LVP’s got you. Especially with the authentic wood surface texturing and a myriad of color options that CALI Vinyl offers, making rooms come alive with natural charm.

Easy Installation
Imagine a world where you can get beautiful flooring laid out without the mess of nails, glue, or even waiting for acclimation. With CALI Vinyl's click-lock planks, that's not just a dream—it's your next DIY project.See all CALI Vinyl Installation Guides here.

Low Maintenance Requirements
Spilled some wine? No biggie. With 100% waterproof CALI Vinyl, cleanups are a breeze. And with the stain and scratch-resistant properties, your floor stays pristine with minimal effort.See all CALI Vinyl Care & Maintenance Tips here.

Read about more Vinyl Flooring Pros and Cons here.

Applications of LVP Flooring

Residential Use
From the cozy ambiance of living rooms to moisture-prone bathrooms and kitchens, LVP's got every corner of your home covered. With its built-in padding, CALI Vinyl not only beautifies but also provides thermal insulation and sound muffling.

Commercial Use
Need a floor that can take the hustle and bustle of offices or retail spaces? Look no further. LVP, with its long warranty coverage (50 years for residential and 15 for commercial with CALI Vinyl), is fit for the job.

Comparing LVP with Other Flooring Types

When weighing LVP against other flooring options, the numbers speak for themselves. Whether it's the cost, durability, maintenance, or design options, LVP, especially of the CALI Vinyl variety, brings unparalleled versatility and value to every setting.

LVP isn’t just another acronym to add to the home decor glossary. It's a revolution in flooring that combines aesthetic charm with practical benefits. So, when someone asks, "What is LVP flooring?" now you not only know the answer but also the best option out there -- CALI Vinyl.

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