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DIY Flooring | How-Tos & Guides from Idea to Installation

DIY Flooring | How-Tos & Guides from Idea to Installation

DIY Flooring

So you’re planning to install your own flooring! DIY flooring projects can be exciting and rewarding, but like many home improvement endeavors, do-it-yourself installations can become frustrating without proper guidance. We want to make sure you have all the tips and tools you need for success. The first step to starting your DIY flooring project is to understand your needs. So, let’s dive in.

Getting Your DIY Project Started

Once you’ve selected an area of your home that you want to renovate, you’ll want to identify the needs of that room’s flooring. Your flooring needs will vary depending on the conditions of the room. As you prepare for the next phase of your DIY flooring project, key considerations include the amount of foot traffic and exposure to moisture.

Calculate Square Footage

The first step to many new flooring projects is to understand just how big your space is.

Learn to Calculate Square Footage

Flooring Needs By Room


Flooring in bathrooms should be water-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. Review the benefits of Vinyl and Engineered wood flooring in your bathroom.

Learn About Bathroom Flooring


Kitchen floors should be comfortable, water resistant, and create a welcoming atmosphere. Check out the flooring types we think work best in kitchens.


Basement flooring must thrive in a below-grade, high-moisture environment. Learn how Vinyl, Cork, or Engineered flooring may be right for your project.

Selecting & Purchasing Your Flooring

Choose a Flooring Material

The type of flooring material you choose will be based on several factors. Explore the differences in flooring materials like hardwood and vinyl when it comes to look, durability and price.

Learn about Different Flooring Materials

Pick Your Hardwood Floor Color

Once you know the material that meets your flooring project needs, it’s time to decide on a color. Consider looks as well as ease of maintenance in your choice.

Pick a Hardwood Floor Color

Pick a Vinyl Floor Color

While all vinyl flooring shares advantages like being 100% waterproof, this article helps narrow down the luxury vinyl plank options based on the feelings different color families envoke.

Pick a Vinyl Floor Color

Preparing Your Subfloor

Before you can begin installing new flooring, you’ll need to remove your old flooring and prepare your subfloor. Learn about the different types of subfloors and how to prepare them for new flooring.

How to Prepare Your Subfloor

Acclimating Your New Flooring

Some floors require acclimation before installation to ensure planks adjust to your home’s environment. This is especially important for floated installations in extremely dry or humid regions.

Learn How to Acclimate Your Flooring

Installing Your New Floor

Once you’re ready for the final push of your DIY flooring project, thoroughly review the installation guide for your chosen floor type. Installation specifics vary for each floor, so it’s worth reading up before you start laying planks.

Find Your Flooring Installation Guide