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Tips & Tricks for Flooring Trim

Tips & Tricks: Stair Parts & Accessories Installation

  • All Bamboo & Eucalyptus accessory pieces are made from the same extra dense material as our Fossilized® flooring. Therefore, if you plan to install using the nail-down method it is highly recommended you pre-drill beforehand. This includes baseboards, QR, treads, and risers.
  • When installing transitions, always remember they must be fastened directly to the sub-floor and not to the actual flooring material.
  • CALI recommends the glue-down method when installing all accessory pieces using a high-quality Urethane based glue, such as Titebond Fast Set Construction Adhesive. (Do not use liquid nails.)
  • When using the glue-down method it is best practice to put some weight on the material until the glue has fully cured. Even a fast set Urethane can take up to 12 hours to dry. This will ensure proper adhesion.
  • Be sure to use enough adhesive to fasten the product down, but not so much that it oozes out and fills in the expansion gap.
  • Use Titebond Wood Flooring tape when installing matching baseboards and quarter rounds. For baseboards, cut the tape in half and apply it to the top and bottom of the back side of the product. (Do not apply tape to the middle of the baseboard.)
  • For a nice, clean cut on your accessory pieces, a table or miter saw with a 60 to 80 tooth carbide-tipped blade works best.
  • The 7/16” & 9/16” click stair nosings are made as flush mount options for our click-lock flooring, but they do not click in place. It is recommended that all stair parts be nailed and glued in place.
  • All overlap stair nosings are designed to be used with a floating floor that comes up to the top of the stairs. It is important to note that the overlap part of the nosing has been designed specifically to be slightly higher than the flooring to allow room for the padding installed underneath a floating floor.  If you decide to use overlap nosing on the whole staircase, the planks on each step will have to be built up roughly 1/8” to meet the height of the stair nosing.
  • The glue-down method is recommended for all CALI Vinyl accessories, treads, and risers using a Urethane Adhesive. If a nail-down install is attempted, you must pre-drill.
  • CALI Vinyl T-molding, reducers, and baseboards come with a track for installation. Fasten the track first, and then click the transition in place.
  • All transition accessories are considered universal pieces, and because there are so many different scenarios on a job site, transitions are made to be modified as needed.

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