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How To Install Trim, Baseboards or Nosing

What Flooring Accessories Do I Need?

Whether you’re opting for hardwood, bamboo, or luxury vinyl, every CALI flooring collection has a full set of accessories and trim to complete your project. All pieces are high-quality, easy to install, and color-coordinated with your chosen floor.

Have Questions? Our team is happy to help you figure out what to order. Just start a chat or give us a call!

Quarter Round

Quarter rounds offer the same border transition as baseboards, but in a more understated fashion due to the subtlety of quarter round sizing.


Baseboards are applied around the perimeter of a finished floor to provide a clean, framed border transition between flooring and walls, while also covering any flooring expansion gaps.


A reducer provides the perfect solution for transitions between surfaces of varying heights, especially any surfaces with a difference of more than ¼ inch.


Threshold pieces help to conceal expansion spaces along vertical objects that are generally difficult to frame, such as fireplaces and sliding glass doors.


T-Molds can be utilized as transition pieces between surfaces of equal height, such as from room to room. They are ideal for surfaces with less than ¼ inch difference in height.

Stair Nosing

Stair nosing is a must-have for any stairway remodel, providing a professional and finished look with sleek transitions.

Stair Riser

Stair risers round off remodels by offering a smooth, uniform transition from step to step.

Stair Tread

Stair treads function as a cohesive top layer for each stair, eliminating the need for stair nosing.

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Tips for Installing Accessories

Matching transitions & stair parts complete the installation. Check out our tricks of the trade!