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Toxic Substances Control Act Policy Statement

Toxic Substances Control Act Policy Statement 

As a matter of policy all CALI composite wood products (veneer and composite core products which include adhesive glues and resins) are in full compliance with both TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) as regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Environmental Regulations of CARB (California Air Resources Board). These rules set formaldehyde emission standards for adhesives which may be used in composite wood products (including flooring products) such as medium density fiberboard (MDF), particleboard, and hardwood plywood.

How are standards met?

As an importer and distributor of flooring products, CALI maintains a well-documented compliance record with EPA, CARB, and other environmental regulations. At every step along the supply chain, from sourcing and manufacturing to importing and final delivery to the end-customer, there are control processes in place to ensure compliance with all requirements. CALI partners with a third-party agency to regularly visit suppliers to ensure compliance with all standards. CALI also works with an accredited third-party lab to deliver ongoing training and guidelines, and to validate that proper procedures are in place.

Steps for Compliance:

  • Product Testing and Verification
    Before conducting business with any supplier, all products must be tested by product type to ensure compliance with EPA and CARB requirements.
  • Third-Party Certification
    All suppliers are subject to third party auditing/testing on at least a quarterly basis to evaluate and confirm compliance with EPA and CARB requirements. If suppliers fail to meet audit standards, CALI may terminate the business relationship. 
  • Supplier Certification
    All suppliers working with CALI must read and sign a Declaration Agreement provide valid chain of custody documents according to EPA and CARB standards. 
  • Internal Accountability
    All employees working directly with suppliers are responsible for ensuring ongoing compliance with all EPA and CARB standards. Employees who fail to meet standards may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination.
  • Training
    Employees working directly with suppliers are trained in EPA and CARB regulations and standard operating procedures. 
  • Labeling
    All regulated products are specially labelled in accordance with EPA and CARB requirements. 
  • Reporting
    CALI will report and declare TSCA certification to U.S. Customs and Border Protection at time of importation into the United States.
  • Recordkeeping and Maintenance
    All records supporting compliance must be maintained for a period of not less than 3 years.

The Results and Benefits:

CALI’s strict quality control and use of superior materials, adhesives, and manufacturing techniques produces flooring that is safe for children, pets, and those with allergies and odor sensitivities. CALI is committed to ensuring that all VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions measure lower than the air we breathe, and in most cases are “non-detectable” in several flooring styles. CALI floors have been safely installed in nurseries, schools, hospitals, senior living facilities, and hotels, in addition to thousands of homes across the nation.   


If any CALI employee, supplier or service provider suspects or identifies any issues contrary or in violation of this Policy Statement, immediately report to the Senior Manager Global Trade Compliance at [email protected]


If you have any questions regarding this policy statement please contact the Senior Manager Global Trade Compliance at [email protected]

Legal Authority and Additional Information:

Federal Rules:

Read more about TSCA VI regulations.

California State Rules:

Read more about CARB regulations.